Want to Improve the Value of Your Home? It’s Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Want to Improve the Value of Your Home? It’s Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

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If you’re thinking of moving house, you may have already looked at having your home valued. However you want the very best out of your house and you certainly want it to be the most expensive it can be. But what makes a home sell? Location is top priority but putting that aside, it is the features your home has and the appeal that it has. Selling a home that isn’t full of cool designs and nice furniture certainly isn’t going to make it look super appealing but there are some improvements that you can do that will make your home much more desirable for a buyer. So where do we begin? 

Exterior changes – what can we do?

Begin deweeding and making your garden look great. That is the first thing that they will see and you want it to look like there isn’t much work needed and that the house can look great. Gardens can be hard work but mowing and edging the lawn, adding a few plant pots and tidying up can make the world of difference. Give your home a deep clean on the outside too, spray it down and get rid of cobwebs and anything unattractive including debris and dirt. You want the house to look clean. 

Add some outdoor decorations such as a firepit, garden furniture and make it feel like it would be a great place to entertain outdoors too as an outdoor living space can be very important to some buyers. 

Interior changes, making it look spic and span! 

The interior is very important because you want someone to walk in and feel as if there isn’t much to do so making the place feel airy and spacious will help, whilst trying to remain as if it is still a blank canvas and hinting at the possibilities. Adding plants can be great and a few ornamental pieces. Rugs work well on wooden floors too. If you are wanting to modernise the home a little, then you should look at parquet flooring

If you want to add new doors and windows, then this too will be a huge bonus because it can make an older house feel newer as well as offer protection and a clean fresh feel. New windows and doors will keep the cold out and get rid of any mould or dirt and grime. If you can’t afford this, then make sure that any imperfections are changed, sealed up or painted. Add some colour changes throughout to give an idea for new inspirations for the new owner. Bring the house to life with candles, drinks and food on offer for viewings and make it feel lived in and as if it would be a great investment because the chances are, it is! Look at trends! All the effort that you put into your home improvements will be well worth it when you are finally able to sell your home and move into somewhere new. Be patient and think about what you would want in a house. 


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