What Damage Can Squirrels Do To Your Home And How To Prevent It

What Damage Can Squirrels Do To Your Home And How To Prevent It

Squirrels look like beautiful little furry balls of fluff when they are running around in local parks, and even when they are in a neighbor’s garden, but when they are in your property and your garden it can be a very different story. Squirrels can damage roots to trees in your garden and if they have access to electrical cables and wires they can chew through them leaving you with costly and expensive repair bills.

Why Squirrels Are Such An Issue For Homeowners

Squirrels chew, and before you know it they can chew through the essentials of your home wiring, which if too serious can lead to injury and possibly even death. Squirrels are sometimes called tree rats, and sometimes for a good reason. Squirrels can carry diseases with them that can potentially be passed on through their urine and feces. You may not think that squirrels are such a big issue but if you have small children within your home your thinking might change quite drastically. If squirrels have a nest, or if they are defending their food sources then they can become aggressive and this could impact how you use your home, and if your children enjoy your home.

How To Spot Squirrels In Your Home

Squirrels can be found by looking for damage, urine, and feces droppings. Of course, in theory, you should see all of these, but realistically as squirrels can sometimes nest away from where they are damaging your house you may struggle to spot or see all of the tell-tale signs. It is not advisable to go finding squirrel excrement or urine as both of these things can be detrimental to your health, especially if you have an infestation of several squirrels or family. If you suspect squirrels as you have heard noises, but you are thinking it could also be rats then you need to set up some sort of camera to catch any sounds and movements.

Squirrels will never come out while you are looking for them, so it is a waiting game with squirrels and you will require patience first and foremost. It is also important to listen out for scratching sounds as these can quite often be even more distinctive and help you determine if you have a squirrel problem, and if so just how much of a problem you have. Once you have spotted and identified squirrels you should try to count how many there are. The more information you gather the easier it will be to pass on to professionals.

How To Remove And Eradicate Squirrels

Removing squirrels may sound like something that is quick and easy to do but it is far from it. Squirrels can carry diseases, and when they are confronted, put in a stressful position, or even cornered they can potentially bite and scratch which can be both dangerous and unhygienic. Effective Squirrel Removal is done by trained professionals, by those who have all of the necessary equipment and safety gear in place to keep themselves and you the homeowner safe. Trying to remove or eradicate squirrels yourself would be foolish. You could do more damage than good, especially if you have a large infestation on your hand. The best thing you can do to help remove and eradicate squirrels within your home is to call in the professionals sooner rather than later.

How To Prevent Squirrels Infestation

It is important to keep basements, cellars, and readily accessible places free from anything that will attract or interest squirrels. This includes food and drink. Squirrels will scratch and will chew through even small gaps or voids so it is important to regularly check your rooms and outdoor spaces for gaps that could be penetrable. It is important to check all spaces, crevices, and gaps especially after bad weather, high winds, and floods as weather erosion and weather damage could have affected the brickwork or woodwork on your home.

Squirrels can cause lots of damage in hardly any time at all and this is why it is important to be proactive with squirrels and infestations. Checking spaces monthly for any new signs of damage, droppings or urine is something that you must become diligent about. Using preventative measures will ensure that your home and outdoor spaces will stay free and clear from squirrel infestations. Do not get complacent with small issues or problems as these can quickly escalate and before you know it you have a large unmanageable problem on your hands that will be even more costly and timely to rectify than it would have done should you have taken action earlier.


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