Lighting Tips For Your New Home: How To Have A Bright And Beautiful House

Lighting Tips For Your New Home: How To Have A Bright And Beautiful House

A well-thought-out layout and beautiful furniture are essential to achieve an incredible living room design, but most people don’t know that lighting sets the atmosphere and mood. Discussing lighting with a company like can make all the difference to your home, once you know exactly where to have your fittings.

One of the key factors that determine whether the atmosphere of your home would be bright and elegant or dark and moody is the lighting. You might feel you have beautifully decorated your room, but you must also make sure the lighting is just proper. Otherwise, your decoration would be a wasted effort. The best would be to hire electricians from certified companies like Nixonelectrics, if you don’t know how to handle electricity. Lighting is so important that where you’re unable to do a complete makeover of your home, just working on your home’s lighting would make a tremendous difference. If you love to create the right atmosphere in your home, these tips are essential for getting your lighting on-point.

Your lighting options can range from modest to bold statement pieces. For instance, an astronaut led sign would totally complement a space themed bedroom or living room, whereas sophisticated spot lighting might be more suitable for a modern kitchen. And despite being one of the essential elements in getting an excellent interior, lighting is frequently overlooked. And honestly, there’s no point in spending and investing on creating a beautiful interior design if you leave out the lighting.

However, to get the best out of lighting and keep your home stylish, bright, and beautiful, try to have a better understanding about lighting.

Kinds of lighting

We cannot overemphasize the importance of striking the right balance in your home. This is because we used the living room for not just entertainment, but it’s also a place to relax and one of the most used spaces in a home. To achieve the desired result, you must combine permanent fixtures such as spotlights or pendant lamps with complementary lighting like task lights or accent lights with candlelight bulbs. And, yes, by all means, you must have a dimmer switch.

If you’re looking for quality that also isn’t totally out of most budgets, then Four Hands might be just what you’re looking for. Their popularity has skyrocketed as they create on-trend pieces that are more affordable than they look.

Accent Lighting

This form of lighting is used to paint plants and other attractions like sculptures or art pieces. In cases like this, we use accent lighting as a sort of spotlight. As it is essential to create focus within a room, the simplest way to do this is to pinpoint a decorative object with a narrow beam of light.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, they use this type of lighting in spaces of your home where light might be needed to get tasks done. Floor lamps in sitting room corners, desk lamps, reading lamps, and other areas in your home where you might need light to perform a task are all examples of spots in your home where you can use task lighting. If you currently don’t have sufficient electrical outlets for all your lighting needs, qualified electricians will be able to quickly and easily sort this for you. Jobs like this are best left to the experts.

In addition, you can add a layer of warmer lighting in table lamps with shades and avoid fluorescent bulbs as they can produce a somewhat gray and cold atmosphere. The light from a halogen or incandescent lamp is advised and can create a comfy feel to your home.

Mood Lighting

With this form of lighting, you can determine the mood and atmosphere created by using unique tones, colors, and brightness levels. An example of mood lighting you might have made use of is the use of dimmer switches in bedrooms and living rooms.


To implement this, position and angle downlights towards curtains, artworks, and corners. By doing this, the light reflects into the room and makes the room look more spacious. However, you never go for a grid of downlights as this will only create a flat and dull look in your room. We advise you use a Pole spring LED downlight as this offers excellent color rendition and low glare.


If you want to make an impression, adding a layer of small discreet up lights to the window, reveals, or fireplaces will give your home a magical touch.

We also encourage that you use this in stylish properties as uplighting will only enhance the style and design features of the home. Their discreet size of bulbs used here makes sure the primary focus remains obvious.

Shelf Lighting

The best way to highlight the shelving within a space is by joinery lighting. You can add front lights to light objects and books on the shelf or add light under the cupboard to focus on individual items on the shelf. Backlighting is also another way to avoid a dull room by adding depth and drama to the regular white frames, and you can also aim to cast beautiful shadows on objects.

When considering the lighting in your home, a tip you would eventually get to appreciate is making sure that each circuit has a dimmable switch. By doing so, the lighting will create whatever ambiance you want within a room. You will create endless amounts of views.


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