3 Popular Interior Lighting Trends for New Homeowners

3 Popular Interior Lighting Trends for New Homeowners

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Owning a new home is like going on an adventure. There are new arrangements to explore with your house, innovative plans to create, and fresh paths to venture into as you design your home’s appearance.

Homeowners must ensure, however, that they pay special attention to lighting. When it comes to different types of lighting–ambient lighting, task lighting, and recessed lighting, there are various ways to use them depending on how you want to brighten your room. We asked an electrician in Voorhees for their ideas on popular lighting trends for new homeowners. Here are three tips that will help with your original interior lighting design.

1. Refined Industrial Lighting for the Kitchen

The industrial style of lighting uses steel and dark-toned wood for its materials. This style was initially designed to be functional more than anything else, which explains the simplicity in its core structure. Taking influence from factories and old mechanical spaces, industrial lighting has unique characteristics that have brought it to a bit of a comeback in 2021

Many homeowners are using the industrial style of lighting in a more refined way these days. No longer are unfinished, mainly metallic lights placed as significant sources of ambient lighting. New homeowners, for example, are using pendant lighting with dark tones and metal shades in their kitchen. This is an excellent choice to brighten kitchen islands or tables.

Check out the refined industrial lighting style and see if it might be a good selection for your kitchen or other rooms. You might take help of a 24 hour electrician of Perth as installation of these lights might be tricky and DIY won’t work.

2. Use Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

You may have heard this already, but LED lighting, like that found at Neon Filter, is getting increasingly more popular. Not only do they have a tremendously longer lifespan than traditional lighting, but their energy efficiency is top-notch. A study from the U.S. Department of Energy found that LED lights use 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting–and last 25 times longer.

Luminaire LED lighting is ideal to enhance the beauty of your home. This is a type of localized lighting used for specific tasks in your home. It’s perfect for places like the bedroom or home office. These rooms in your new home may have nightstands or desks, making LED table lamps an excellent choice.

Lighting that lasts longer, which also saves money on your energy bill, makes LED lighting one of the most popular interior lighting trends for new homeowners.

3. Install Smart Lighting

Smart lighting used to be an expensive option available only to a select few. However, with more affordable selections, smart lighting is being used more frequently by homeowners who want to enhance their lighting with automated features.

Once installed, smart lighting has a variety of components that homeowners can use, such as:

  • Motion detection, to switch on when entering a room
  • Scheduled lighting to turn on or off at specific times
  • Remote light switching through digital apps
  • Setting ambiance depending on mood or time of day

If you’re interested in these features, you may want to check out smart lighting for your new home. Some of the most popular systems include Philips Hue, C by GE, and Sengled.

Lighting design is always an essential step for new homeowners. Whether choosing stylish lighting for the kitchen or installing smart lighting for that perfect home office, homeowners can upgrade their interior lighting. These popular lighting trends can add brightness and beauty to your home.

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