4 Lighting Tips For Your Backyard Kitchen

4 Lighting Tips For Your Backyard Kitchen

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With more people building backyard kitchens filled with dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and even flat-screen TVs, installing outdoor lighting has become an important part of the area. When you have good lighting around the deck, you can illuminate workspaces necessary for food preparation, create an aesthetic ambiance for your gathering, and keep you and your guests safe throughout the get-together. Because of this, it’s important to know how to light your outdoor spaces so you can make your dinner party a great success.  

So, if you’re planning on using your backyard kitchen for any family occasions, below are the four lighting tips you may consider from the get-go:

Think About The Area You’re Lighting

When installing the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen, it’s important to think about the area you want to illuminate. That way, you can make sure you’re using the proper lighting fixture in a particular area to achieve a positive outcome. However, if you want to avoid the occurrence of any mishappening it is recommended to contact a qualified local electrician in Jindalee instead of taking on the project yourself. A professional electrician will safely and efficiently install outdoor kitchen lights.

For example, one of the important areas to consider is the grill or cooktop. Since this space is used for food preparation and cooking, installing the proper exterior lighting is important to make sure you’re able to see the food you’re cooking. Also, when you use the right fixtures, you can cook the meats at the proper temperature as well as present the food properly. 

Thus, if you want to make the most out of outdoor lighting for your backyard kitchen, be sure to consider the area you’re illuminating. 

Choose The Right Lighting Based On The Area And Purpose

Depending on the area and purpose, there are different types of lighting fixtures to choose from. Fortunately, there are reliable manufacturers and suppliers that provide quality fixtures to light up your outdoor kitchen space. Also, these companies can be a reliable source of lighting ideas for your patio. 

Hence, if you want to install the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen, here are different types of lighting fixtures to consider based on the area and purpose:

  • Task lights: If you want to illuminate your kitchen workspaces, including the grill or cooktop, then installing task lights can be an excellent idea. They can provide proper lighting when you chop vegetables, cooking meat, or making cocktails. 
  • Under-counter lighting: If you have under-counter cabinets and appliances in your outdoor kitchen, using under-counter lighting can help light these spaces when there’s an event. 
  • LED candles: If you need something to illuminate seating areas or make a good centerpiece on the dining table, you may use LED candles as the best lighting fixture for the said area. Also, installing these fixtures can help you save money and energy. 
  • Pathway lights: To ensure the safety of your guests by guiding them through the patio, you may install pathway lights. These lights can help let your guests know where to go in case they need to get something from your backyard kitchen. Also, with pathway lights, you can keep them away from your flowerbeds. 
  • Ceiling fans with lights: To ensure the comfort of your guests and keep mosquitoes and flies from your dining or entertainment area, you may use ceiling fans with lights for illumination. 
  • Step lights: If your guests need to take some stairs leading up to your backyard, installing step lights can light up the steps, allowing you to reduce tripping. 
  • String lights: If you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere for social gatherings in your outdoor kitchen, using string lights can be the best thing you can do.
  • Be Sure To Rate Your Fixtures For Humid And Damp Conditions

Another essential lighting tip for your backyard kitchen is to rate your lighting and electrical fixtures for humid and damp conditions. Generally, most lighting fixtures use power to function, and water is considered a good conductor of electricity. When the lighting comes in contact with water, it may cause electrocution or fire. 

Thus, when your backyard kitchen has damp or wet areas, make sure to choose lighting that’ll work best for these conditions. That way, you can avoid unfortunate accidents from interfering with your gathering.

But if you don’t want to worry about that, solar lights might be the best option for you. They can also help you save on electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, solar lights involve less wiring for a sleeker, safer result.

Decks Direct has an impressive selection of solar post lights you can use to brighten up your outdoor areas. The lights will come from caps that you can easily install on top of your deck posts. Get them installed in the day so they can absorb solar energy right away, and they’ll be ready to illuminate your place at night. Solar light posts are great options if you and your family are big fans of barbecue deck nights! If you’re new to solar power and want to know more, they also have experts ready to assist you online or via phone.

Work With A Professional Electrician

Typically, installing lights for your outdoor kitchen may require the assistance of a professional electrician from Broadbeach. Unless you’re an expert yourself, you need them to be at your side to help you compute the electrical load your lighting fixtures will use.

For example, they may advise you to use separate electrical circuits so your lighting and appliances will function more efficiently without any risk of fire or electrocution. Hence, to make the installation process a seamless undertaking, don’t hesitate to hire an electrician for your outdoor lighting needs. 

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt that lighting can enhance the mood and colors of your outdoor kitchen. They even play an essential role in terms of food preparation, the safety of the guests, mosquito control, and the aesthetic ambiance of the entire place. Additionally, exterior lighting can also be one of the things that add more curb appeal to your entire home. 

Therefore, if you’re planning to use your backyard kitchen for your upcoming social gatherings, keep these tips in mind so you can install the perfect lighting fixtures that’ll work best for your needs.


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