6 Ways to Make Your Windows PC Run Faster

6 Ways to Make Your Windows PC Run Faster

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If you’ve had your desktop or laptop for a while, it’s hard to avoid Windows performance delays. Maybe your PC takes forever to reboot, or perhaps you have to click on a program ten times before it opens. In both cases, try one of these six ways to boost your PC’s speed.

1. Download the Latest Edition of Windows

Microsoft releases updates of Windows every few years, debuting Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, and Windows 11 sometime in 2021. If you’re still using Windows 8.1 or an earlier program, your PC isn’t accessing the latest technology. Download the most recent program to get your systems up to speed.

2. Use a Dashboard System

Installing a dashboard program such as OneLaunch into your PC allows you to access the Internet and other important apps without going through File Explorer or another Windows system. Bypassing Windows through a dashboard is a good way to increase your PC’s performance if you’re already using the most recent Windows update. These systems are usually user-friendly, so you can use them to boost your efficiency even if you aren’t a computer science expert.

3. Get Rid of Software You Don’t Use

If you’ve downloaded apps for one-time purposes or if you haven’t gotten rid of the ones that your PC came with, these programs take up a lot of storage and memory. They may be updating without your knowledge or downloading extra features. Use your PC’s search function to find the “All Apps” file, look for the ones that you don’t use, and delete them.

4. Increase Your PC’s RAM

Your PC relies on its random access memory to keep your systems operating quickly and accurately. When it slows down, your computer may have filled up its RAM.While it’s difficult to increase this type of memory on a budget gaming laptop, on a desktop, you can purchase and install a RAM addition for your tower. If you don’t have many computer skills or you’re worried about viruses, take your computer and tower to a professional.

5. Dump Your Unnecessary Files

Whether you use your computer for work or personal needs, it’s easy to accumulate way too many files in your PC’s hard drive. From your work meeting memos to photos of your kids’ birthday parties, these files are easy to download and even easier to forget about. Run your PC’s built-in Disk Cleanup System, which examines your downloads, saved webpages, and screenshots. The program deletes the ones that you haven’t accessed in a long time, increasing your available RAM.

6. Look Out for Viruses

Viruses and other kinds of malware slow down your computer’s performance or even keep you from using your PC at all, but they’re hard to prevent. Install software that watches for malware and another program that addresses existing viruses to make sure your operations are fast and safe.

If your Windows PC is taking forever to load files or access the Internet, try one of these six ways to speed up your operations.


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