What to Consider When Choosing Smart Home Window Blinds

What to Consider When Choosing Smart Home Window Blinds

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With smart home window blinds, you can open and close your blinds via an app on your phone, or even set it to open or close at certain times of the day or night. 

The convenience of this feature and the energy efficiency that smart home window blinds provide, make them an excellent choice for your home, but choosing the right type can be tricky. 

This article will help you figure out what features are important to you and which factors will help you choose the best smart home window blinds.

Differentiating Between Motorized and Manual Blinds

There are two main styles of window blinds: manual and motorized. Manual blinds are operated by hand, so if you have arthritis or don’t feel like rolling up your windows all day, you should stick with manual. 

Motorized blinds are great for anyone who wants their windows to stay open throughout the day, but don’t want them blowing around during a storm. 

No matter which style you choose, make sure that they go well with your home. Your best bet is to look at samples in person before you make any decision.

Features to Look Out For

To start, make sure your smart home window blinds offer you a range of control options. 

A good way to ensure that they do is by looking for a set with built-in radio frequency (RF) wireless technology—which can turn them on and off from anywhere in your home, even if you’re not at home. 

In addition, look for sets that come with an app so you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. An automatic dimming feature is also important because it allows you to save energy when it’s getting dark outside. 

You’ll also want cordless blinds in case there’s ever an issue with RF connectivity or when something goes wrong with one of your batteries.

How Are They Controlled?

You can control some smart window blinds with a mobile app, which makes it easy to adjust them from wherever you are. 

These mobile apps may also include a feature that can sync your blinds with other accessories in your home. 

If you have an automated lighting system, for example, your window blinds could automatically open at a certain time of day or when a sensor detects natural light. 

Although it might take a little bit of tweaking and testing for everything to work seamlessly, once your smart home is up and running, it should be easy to control all of your connected devices through one interface.

Which Ones Are Right for You?

The real magic of smart home window blinds is in their convenience. Instead of remembering when you need your blinds open or closed, you can just control them remotely. 

You can also adjust how much light is coming in at any given time using sliders, so you don’t have to deal with direct sunlight if it’s already hot outside. 

If you want complete privacy for whatever reason, smart home window blinds are an excellent option for both doors and windows.


Did you know that smart home window blinds can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%? 

It’s true! That’s why we always recommend checking out these features before you buy a window treatment. 

And as any good home buying company in Kansas City, such as Favor Home Solutions, will tell you, smart home window blinds will significantly increase the value of your home. 


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