6 Attic Design Ideas For A Useful Space

6 Attic Design Ideas For A Useful Space

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Attics were once neglected dusty spaces that were rarely visited and only used as storage. Fortunately, they’re now built for other purposes apart from being just storage areas. You can convert your attic into a home office, gym, lounge, guest bedroom, closet—the list is endless. Even with its slanting roof and awkward shape, a little creativity can turn your attic into a stylish little haven or a functional workspace.

With that said, here are some exciting ideas that you can use to transform your attic space:

Family Lounge

There’s no better way of unwinding after a long day than in a comfortable and cozy environment. Converting your attic into a family lounge can create the perfect relaxation space for your family.

Due to the limited space, especially in an attic with a slanted roof, go for legless furniture so that there can be enough headroom.  The likes of 4 seater sofas will be perfect for lounging and can also double as sleeping space for guests. Adding a fluffy rug, a small coffee table, and a television will make the room the perfect getaway. In addition, open the space a lot more by painting it with soft, bright colors. A big slanting roof window will also bring in natural light.

Guest Bedroom

Converting an attic into a guest bedroom doesn’t require much; it only has to be practical. Painting the room with a color, like light grey, and furnishing it with a low comfortable bed, a laundry basket, and a chest of drawers will provide your guests with comfortable private space. A full-length mirror will give the illusion of a bigger room and a neutrally designed floor mat will give the room balance.

Kids’ Hangout

Transforming the attic into your kids’ hangout will definitely earn you points. Paint the space with exciting colors to make it a ‘happy space.’ Besides comfortable furnishings and a TV, bring their games, books, and toys as well so that your kids can identify with the room. They can also use the space to study.

Poufs, throw pillows, a comfortable couch, and other seating arrangements will provide enough space for kids to lounge on, while shelves with some cabinets will be used to hold the toys and books, with the TV at the top.Click here for couch monthly payments that are cheap and affordable. Also, don’t forget to incorporate sizeable windows for natural lighting.

Reading Room

The privacy and quietness of an attic makes for the perfect atmosphere of a reading room. Equip the room with the right lighting, a comfortable chair, a soft rug, a pouf, and some bookshelves, and you’ll have a perfect reading room. To bring some life into the room, use some space on the bookshelves for some décor pieces. Make sure the chair is positioned at the tallest part of the room to give you enough head space, especially if there’s a reading lamp. 

Home Office

Having an attic is a blessing, especially in these times when working from home is becoming the norm. That dusty, unused space has the potential of turning into a functional office. A home office in the attic will allow you to separate your home and work lives because it’ll give you privacy and fewer distractions during worktime. 

For starters, make sure the place is well-ventilated. Add a fan to cool off the room if your work involves using a computer and other related office equipment. Place your worktable at the tallest place in the room so that your monitor and other equipment can fit properly. Furthermore, use curtains to block off excessive light. Furnish your home office with low shelves, a sturdy chair, and proper lighting to make it a conducive working environment.

Attic Art Studio

Whether you do art for a living or as a hobby, setting up your art studio in the attic will enable you to focus and even draw inspiration from it when painting, drawing, sculpting, or whatever form of art you’re passionate about.

An art studio is usually lively and is designed according to the kind of art an artist does. For instance, if you paint, apart from playing with different colors in the space, fill an entire wall with your artwork to enliven the room. The right kind of lighting will add character to the space and make it stand out.

Moreover, a practical chair and desk will be useful for work purposes. Some shelves and cabinets will be necessary for storage and organization.


Whatever you decide to turn your attic into, make sure that there’s enough ventilation while you take advantage of the natural light. If your attic space is small and isn’t positioned to get much natural light, use mirrors, bright but soft paint, and proper lighting to open up the space.


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