Are Your Sabotaging Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

Are Your Sabotaging Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

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Your home’s interior can be the best decorated, but without curb appeal, your house loses some value. According to research, 99% of realtors believe curb appeal holds great value to home buyers, making it essential to make it look good. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the elements negatively impacting their home’s appeal. For example, did you know a slightly overgrown lawn can make your exterior look unkempt? Now that you’re aware of this, here are other ways you may be sabotaging your curb appeal.


Failure to properly light your home


Real estate experts say poor illumination can negatively affect your curb appeal. Buyers are particular about security, making a poorly lit outdoor area a major concern. Also, too much light could reflect indoors at night and interrupt your sleep. You may want to add landscape lighting to your outdoor area to highlight your home’s appealing features while satisfying security and safety concerns. Aside from helping you improve your curb appeal, you’ll also prevent burglars from hiding in dark spots around your home. 


Ignoring your home’s structural exterior


A cluttered porch, peeling exterior wall paint, warped siding, and visible cracks remove your home’s appeal. These things add to your guests’ overall impression of your home when they visit. Although you may have stunning interior decor, your exterior can say much more. While thinking about your curb appeal, remember to consider safety elements, as mentioned earlier. Signs around your home could indicate deeper issues you must attend to immediately. For instance, unsightly exterior cracks around your home could indicate foundation problems.

Additionally, peeling paint may indicate excessive moisture within your walls, and that could lead to serious mold problems. With warped siding, you may be dealing with serious structural issues. So, when you decide to take care of the aesthetics, you will inadvertently attend to underlying problems that resolve your curb appeal issues. Fortunately, experts like residential roofing and siding company, Preferred Home Improvement, can answer questions about corrective measures before proceeding.


Neglecting your landscape


Do you have weeds, dead plants, and overgrown shrubs all over your lawn? Factors like not trimming your garden regularly could eventually reduce your home’s curb appeal, so keep this in mind. Perhaps, you didn’t know that a neglected landscaping area turns off many home buyers. Therefore, even if the house is well-built and has a beautiful interior, the negative first impression created by a questionable curb could cause you to lose a potential buyer. Many homeowners have had to learn the hard way after missing out on what could have been a great real estate deal. Thankfully you can avoid this, especially now that you know that your landscaping area could be what stands between you and a good sale. Therefore, take a look around your house now, and if your landscaping looks uninviting, it will be a good idea to get it attended to.

Keeping the above points in mind will help prevent you from making avoidable mistakes regarding your curb appeal. 


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