Is Arizona Car Shipping Like Moving House?

Is Arizona Car Shipping Like Moving House?

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Everything related to moving is pretty self-explanatory. You need to pack, contact the movers, reach out to the utilities, sell, donate, toss out, recycle, and anything else that comes with transferring long distances.

But one thing new for many people is how to get their vehicle from one point to the next using auto transport. It’s not something you do when moving from one town or city to the next, not necessarily a familiar process for most people.

Preparing the auto and giving responsibility for what is a significant investment requires due diligence in research to find reputable, trusted car shipping companies in Arizona with well-trained, safe drivers and quality equipment.

A wise step in the process is to speak with other people who have already had their car shipped to get their input. In so doing, we’ve compiled a few common questions to see how these might be handled by people experienced with auto transport. Let’s review.

FAQs On Car Shipping Long Distances

When relocating long distances, most things that must be taken care of are relatively commonplace. You know you’ll need to have the utilities switched; that’s a priority. Packing is a must, or you can give this task to movers who will handle packing and unpacking, allowing you to check that off your list.

One thing that’s unfamiliar for most people is having a car shipped across several states. The idea of handing over the responsibility of a significant investment for a long trip without prior knowledge of the service can make many anxious.

Of course, research is a priority, but checking out feedback from people who shipped their cars can help you gain insight into what’s involved.

Why ship a car when you can drive it?

At face value, the idea of loading a car to transport it to another location when the auto is a motorized vehicle you can just drive doesn’t seem logical to some people.

The priority is to consider fuel costs, mileage added to the vehicle, wear and tear of the car, potential accidents, breakdowns, or other hazards along the way, not to mention the time it takes for a long-distance trip.

When you need to stop continuously at the gas station to add fuel, the costs can add up substantially, considering the fuel price and the distance you drive. That’s in addition to stopping for rest breaks at lodges, restaurants for food and a few dollars here and there for different incidentals.

What should prospective clients know before considering auto transport?

Reputable car shipping services differ from selecting movers who usually direct their prospective clients to user-friendly sites. That’s not always true with car transport. It can get confusing with results for carriers and brokers showing brands that aren’t readily recognizable.

  1. Carriers: The carrier is the company responsible for transporting the autos. These companies can be more challenging to find online; however, when you work with them, this company will be responsible for shipping the car directly.
  2. Brokers: A broker is the middle person, so to speak, acting between the client and the carrier. This company will give you a quote which will include their fees.

Upsides and disadvantages exist with each option. A broker can do most of the work and can access multiple transporters. In that same vein, there are fewer fees and a sense of security in dealing directly with the car shipping service. It’s genuinely a matter of personal preference and what suits your specific situation.

How long does it take for delivery of a car?

Experts recommend that owners book an auto-transport no less than two weeks ahead of the departure date to ensure you can be accommodated for pick up. As far as delivery is concerned, shipping companies appreciate owners with patience and flexibility.

While auto transporters attempt to be as transparent as possible upfront, the timeline runs roughly from “two to six weeks” for the safest, most conscientious delivery.

Final Thought

When researching and comparing car shipping company quotes, you must ensure the business is licensed and registered through the Department of Transportation. You can confirm this using their DOT number.

The business will also need to carry liability insurance. What the company covers and whether you’ll need to supplement that is something you’ll need to question to ensure you’re fully protected. Click for guidance on what to know before shipping your car.

In the same way, you need to prepare your personal belongings for moving long distances; a car needs to be ready for transport to ensure it is shipped safely to avoid damage and will arrive safely.

You’ll essentially load it up and have the shippers take it like movers take your stuff, arriving free of extra miles and wear and tear.


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