The Benefits Of a Living Wall & Art For Your Business Or Home In Australia

The Benefits Of a Living Wall & Art For Your Business Or Home In Australia

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We all have far too much stress in our lives here in Australia and if we are not trying to hold down a full-time job then we are trying to take care of our families. One day seems to run into the next and before you know it the year has passed and you really have nothing to show for it. Our medical practitioners are always telling us that we need to reduce our stress levels and we need to remove all of the anxiety as well. That is a lot easier said than done but there is a lot of evidence that suggests that if we surround ourselves with plants then we can enjoy the many physical health benefits that they offer. We just don’t spend enough time outside and so maybe it might be an idea to bring the outside to the inside.

Many homes and businesses are incorporating a plant wall into their daily lives and this living wall offers up many opportunities like the ability to be able to clean the air and also provide us with something quite beautiful to look at every single day. By incorporating a living plant wall or even using it as a piece of art, the following benefits are achieved.

  • The environmental benefits – As was mentioned briefly before, we can enjoy better indoor air and this is essential if we are to experience good health and well-being. There is a lot of evidence out there that backs up the notion that plants clean the air for us so we don’t have to constantly be wearing our favourite face mask. They also provide us with a quiet place in which to work and live in. There is no doubt that plants can actually absorb sound and so if you want some much-needed privacy within your office space for your home then plants can provide you with all of the answers.
  • The people benefits – Surrounding yourself with a plan to wall and plant art provides you with so many physical benefits like the clean air that was mentioned before but it is incredibly good for your overall mental health. We are constantly disconnected from nature itself and so being able to actually just look at plants in the home or office can restore the connection with nature that many of us seem to have lost. It is well known that how an office is designed really does affect the people who work there and if it is done properly then they benefit from improved health, better well-being and productivity goes up.

It is also true to say that when plants and plant art are incorporated into any office space then staff become a lot more productive and they become very creative. Innovation is something that is lacking in many Australian businesses and if you as the owner of the business can improve it by simply incorporating plants and a plant wall into your business then this is a sound investment. You will never get a better return than this because your staff are your number one asset and you want to keep them happy.


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