First Look: The Quirky+GE Tripper for Wink

First Look: The Quirky+GE Tripper for Wink

The folks at Dropcam broke my heart earlier this year.

Hot off the heels of the release of their excellent Dropcam Pro web cameras, Dropcam took a small step closer to embracing the home security market with the announcement of Dropcam Tabs. This nifty little sensor promised to detect movement and motion, allowing users to receive alerts (and trigger their Dropcams) whenever a door is opened, an item is moved, or another action occurs.

The heartbreak came when Nest acquired Dropcam (great!) and Dropcam decided to pull the plug on the Tabs line (not so great!).

You can imagine my excitement when the folks at Quirky/Wink unveiled a new line of sensors earlier this week, specifically the Quirky+GE Tripper. Similar to its spiritual cousin mentioned above, the Tripper is a simple magnetic sensor that mounts to any door, window, or other opening. Through integration with the Wink Hub, the Tripper can send you instant notifications when movement is detected and can be combined with Wink’s “robots” to initiate a variety of useful tasks.

The best part? The Tripper is dirt cheap (compared to other solutions on the market at least) at only $40 for two of them.

They’re available for preorder now, and will ship a little closer to the holidays.

Go order a couple… I did!


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