11 Great Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes

11 Great Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes

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A mobile home can be an excellent solution if you want to build a house as fast as possible, pay the loan in no time, and be able to move whenever you wish. However, many people give up on the idea of buying a mobile home simply because this type of building doesn’t seem very comfortable. However, we say otherwise.

A mobile home may not be the same as real property – it’s not as big and not as cozy as a fixed home. But a little remodeling can help with that. A little attention to detail will make your mobile home more pleasant to live in. Also, if you’re planning on selling your mobile home to be moved, a little bit of clever decorating will greatly increase the home’s value.

Here are several amazing decorating ideas that may be useful. Read on, implement them, and we promise – your mobile home will feel the most comfortable in the world.

A Natural Touch to the Bathroom

A mobile home will have a small shower. It might not be the most spacious, but If you want to make it slightly more comfortable and practical, consider installing a towel-bar. The material you use can add a nice touch. Consider installing a towel-bar made of bamboo. This kind of bar will bring a sense of naturalness into your bathroom. And though it may be small, it will look great.

Decorate With Storage Solutions

Not enough space? Not enough color or character? You can solve all three of those problems with one fix. It’s so easy – just decorate the walls with storage solutions – hanging boxes, hanging bags, shelves, and hooks.

Of course, you can store your kitchenware in the drawers or store kitchen sundries in the cabinets, but you can add some color by keeping your more colorful objects and trinkets at an arm’s reach.


It’s obvious, but you can’t go wrong with flowers. Even plastic flowers add a nice touch of color and contrast. Dried flowers hung from the ceiling can give the space a fun natural look, and it doesn’t take up any space.

Differentiate Your Bedroom

By decorating your bedroom in a completely different style than the rest of the mobile room, you will create a stronger visual separation between the rooms. While this won’t add any physical space to your mobile home, it does tease the eye into thinking the home is larger than it is.

A simple way to achieve this effect is in stark contrasting colors. But you don’t have to limit yourself there. Your living area could be sleek and modern while your bedroom is old-fashion and cozy.

When there is a greater distinction between the rooms, it will feel more like separate spaces and help to give the home a larger ambiance to it.

Add Some Comfort To Your Dining Room

There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable and unhappy when having meals in your mobile home. You can easily install a beautiful dining table that will be both practical and beautiful. Moreover, you can have a comfortable armchair with a soft pillow as a dining chair. It’s delightful, isn’t it?

Multiple Light Sources

Another easy way to create the effect of a more spacious room is by incorporating multiple light sources. A room lit with only one light source – especially if it’s from the ceiling – draws the eye to one spot, which has the visual effect of shrinking the room further. Make sure each room has multiple light sources. This way, the eye is drawn to multiple spots and thus creating the impression of more space.

Consider wall-mounted lights as well, if space is a concern, instead of floor lamps or desk lamps. Every little bit of space counts when you’re trying to make a small space feel big.

Hang mirrors

When you’re trying to make a small space look much bigger, hanging a mirror or two can really help a lot. Make sure to hang them on a wall or door that gets plenty of light. Not only will this help create an optical illusion, making your small space seem larger, but a mirror is also a nice decoration that isn’t too expensive.

Add a backsplash behind your sink

Kitchen backsplashes are an inexpensive decorative item that is also functional. And it’s surprisingly inexpensive. Depending on the style of backsplash you choose, it can give your kitchen a metallic shine, or you can choose a ceramic tile backsplash that will contrast nicely with your wood countertops.

Decorate with vertical stripes in rooms with low ceilings

People wear stripes to make them look slimmer and to make them look taller. The same trick can be used in your bedroom or bathroom – wherever you feel your low ceilings give the space a cramped look.

There are many wallpaper patterns that achieve this effect. Or you could simply paint the stripes on the walls yourself.

Hang vertical storage at eye level

This tip is quite popular in bathrooms, but you can incorporate it into any room. Vertical storage hung at eye level gives the room an appearance of height, and it’s practical too.

You can hang vertical storage above the toilet and gain additional space. Or, in the dining area, consider replacing floor furniture with vertical storage. You would free up some space at the floor level, and the eye would be drawn upward, making a short room appear taller.

Paint the ceilings in high-gloss white

Another good tip to employ if you want your small space to appear less cramped is to paint the ceiling in high-gloss white. High-gloss white paint will immediately brighten up the room. The surface has an almost mirror-like sheen to it, which reflects light. This will not only add much needed brightness to the room but it will also make it look new and clean.

High-gloss white paint is especially useful in the living area but can be effective in any room of your mobile home.


By exercising some attention to detail and employing a few of the tips mentioned above, you can turn your mobile home into a nice spacious-looking home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Especially when you’re decorating a small space, less is often more. Keep it light. And, above all, the decorations should reflect your own individual personality.


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